Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Word on the Street

The annual Word on the Street national book and magazine extravaganza is being held next Sunday, September 27th, in Toronto, Kitchener, Halifax, and Vancouver.

I'll be signing in the wonderfully named "Writer's Block" at the Crime Writers of Canada booth, WB15, on the Queen's Park circle in Toronto from noon to 1:00 p.m., sharing the stage with Howard Shrier.
Other crime writers will be signing throughout the day, including Vicki Delany, Rick Blechta, and Elizabeth Duncan.

The festival is a major event, even for those who don't read mysteries (which is a mystery in itself). Hope to see you there.


  1. We'll see you there on Sunday! Event sounds great.

  2. Good evening John,
    I have been meaning to send you this picture for ages. I think that's Vicki Delaney's hat sprouting out of your head. I am not sure if you even remember me. We had dinner at Bloody Words with my writing partner Liz Lindsay. I also bumped into you and your lovely wife at Lakefield College when my husband and I went to see Louise Penny. Isn't she having a wonderful time with all the very well deserved accolades coming her way? She gave your blog a plug so I have been checking you out. I enjoyed your "Crimes and Punishment" comments.

    Liz and I are still searching for an agent for our first novel but we continue to persevere. The second is at the conclusion and we are starting the revisions soon. I love this life of writing. Just wish I had more time.

    I have just finished reading "Grave Doubts". Excellent read and will pick up Still Waters soon. Loved your characters Quinn and Morgan but you will not see me doing any scuba diving anytime soon. My oldest grandson is fourteen and has joined the sea cadets and tells me he will be learning scuba as part of his training. Terra firma for me.

    I hope to be in Toronto on Sunday and will drop by the booth at" Word on the Street".
    Look forward to seeing you there. Say howdy to Bev if she remembers me.



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  3. Hi Pam,
    I just tried to post a comment in response and it disappeared into the ether! It will be good to see you at Word on the Street. And thanks for the blog feedback. It's gratifying to know someone is out there, reading. Re the agent /publisher situation, all I can say is, keep at it. Persistence, a good "product," and a lot of luck, that's apparently what it takes to get published, and then, to get readers. An astonishingly large part of the creative process is devoted to things other than creating!
    See you on Sunday. All the best,