Monday, October 10, 2011

The Scholar, Still Dead

After forty rewrites, this doesn't seem much different from the first one. A little punchier, I hope.

When an elderly professor turns up dead on Philosophers Walk in the heart of Toronto, fellow members of the Bacon Society are not surprised he was murdered. Enthralled by the Renaissance rogue and scholar, Sir Francis Bacon, this unlikely band of misfits also shares a profound loathing for the dead Mephistophiles who had been their leader. They draw Detectives Miranda Quin and David Morgan into their midst as the investigation moves from the university environs to a grand summer house in Muskoka, and reaches from the new millenium back into the bleakest events of the twentieth century. The Dead Scholar is a drawing room thriller and a black comedy, an intellectual puzzle and a complex study of quixotic characters whose lives intersect in a web of dark secrets they cannot escape. It is a world where Quin and Morgan find themselves quite at home.

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