Friday, June 10, 2011


Received a lovely review from Margaret Cannon in The Globe and Mail last Saturday (June 4th). My new novel in the Quin and Morgan series, "Reluctant Dead," isn't officially out until next week, so I'm really pleased. The opening paragraph is fascinating, because I know the review is a virtual rave but one particular word weighs it down. Read it and see:

"The team of Miranda Quin and David Morgan, members of the Toronto Police Service homicide squad, is now three books in, and it’s clear that John Moss has a winning combo. Quin and Morgan are professionally and fictionally workable, and Reluctant Dead is the best so far."

I'd rather they were mesmerizing, enthralling, inspiring, engaging, mind-blowing, you name it. But not to complain. Margaret Canon is the doyenne of reviewers, and I'd rather be workable for her, in such an enthusiastic context, than sheer genius for others.

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