Thursday, October 13, 2016

Canadian Health Care

In the last US presidential debate Trump dissed the Canadian health care system. His stupid assumptions make me sick! In Canada, we take health care as our inalienable right. For elective procedures there can be long delays. I've had to wait for months for hip surgery and for dermatological procedures. But when I had a scuba mishap I was taken into hospital for immediate and extensive treatment over a period of three weeks. When it was discovered in a routine examination that I had arterial blockage to my heart, I was under the knife within a week for a quadruple bypass. Tthere were no delays. The costs were never even raised as a consideration. And the care was superb. Both my brothers had extensive hospital treatment which would have cost literally millions of dollars. No one ever brought up the expense. They were given first-rate treatment. If I've had to wait for non-threatneing treatment, no problem! Eventually I received excellent care. And never, not ever, were costs a consideration. For urgent treatment, immediate state-of-the-art response. No personal costs. I pay my fair share of taxes and do so cheerfully. I get great value for my investment. So, grow up, America. Health care is a right, not a privilege. I sincerely hope you are able to heal your excruciatingly embarrassing political system before it infects the rest of us who watch with a mixture of pity, anger, and heart-felt anxiety. You're better than this!

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